Central Illinois Farm Raised Freezer Beef Sales

Welcome to KC3 Cattle Co.  We provide farm-raised freezer beef to the Central Illinois and Western Illinois markets.  Our farm is located near Peoria, IL.

Buy direct from the farm to you and your family. The cost per pound of the High-Quality Angus Beef is by the hanging weight plus the custom meat locker processing fees.

Butcher Beef Available

Whole hanging weights can vary from 660 – 980-pound variations. You choose how the bulk meat is cut and packaged here at KC3 Cattle Co!

You shall receive locally raised farm fed “juicy” top-quality beef. When you purchase from KC3 Cattle Co., our goal is sharing with you the best beef available, purchasing with confidence, and meeting a return customer. We have an existing return customer base that includes friends and family, as well as additional openings to offer of a 1/4 beef for sale, 1/2 beef for sale, and whole beef for sale.

Recommended Local Butcher Shop

We typically use Raber Packing Co., a local custom butcher shop near me that our family has used for many years, for processing the beef. However, if you have a preferred local butcher shop, other than Raber Packing Co. we can accommodate your preference providing there is an open date available at your local meat processor.

If you have any additional questions regarding the local beef processing or would like to place an order to fill your freezer with fresh beef, please contact me Charles Milliman Jr. at (309) 208-1075.

Our Location

15731 W. Cottonwood Rd.
Elmwood, IL. 61529
with several beef pastures in the surrounding community
I’m a member of Peoria County Farm Bureau